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History of IADR-SEA

International Association for Dental Research 
Southeast Asian Division

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Division was formed 31 years ago to provide a platform for dental researchers to present and discuss their research findings. Geographically the SEA Division covers a wide area including the South East Asia countries and as far east to include India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan.

The SEA Division is committed to bring the benefits of IADR to all dental researchers and academicians in our region through the “Adopt-a-member Program”. So far the membership of members from Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines has been supported. In line with the Global IADR mission, the Division has also been receiving funding through the Regional Development Program since 1997. Countries that have benefited from this program were Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines. In 2009, the SEA Division once again succeeded in securing the RDP funding. A research methodology workshop has been conducted in Cambodia in April, 2009 and researchers from Lao has also been invited to participate. This program is focused on training the trainers where young researchers are mentored to formulate research proposals and the funding also enables these researchers to present their findings at the next Division Meeting in Taiwan.